Asakhe Careers is dedicated to readdressing the imbalances of the past and has played a significant role in removing barriers for the youth to enter the various professions. Asakhe Careers is born to work closely with development structures, government and corporate , in providing economic and social development solutions through interactive youth projects.

Our vision is to change lives of the youth for the better through career exhibitions, motivation and inspiration.

Our mission is to empower South African youth through career exhibitions, giving them a platform to receive information that will enable them to make the right career choices, intern they will be become role-players in the country’s economy. We achieve this by bringing together marketers, social investors and tertiary institutions educators to provide the youth with the information they need to make informed decisions about their future.

Through career exhibitions we are able to provide our corporate, social investment and educational partners with a captive audience with whom they are able to interact and connect with.  All of our original product offerings are of the highest quality and are tailor made to promote communication between our partners and the youth. It is this, mindful, approach and ethical marketing treatment that allows us, and our partners, entrance into schools year on year.

To expose the youth , particularly high school learners to various careers and option open to them. To facilitate person to person interaction between employers in specific fields and the still at school youth, training institutions and employment agencies. To create an information platform for young people to broaden their horizon in terms of career goal and options, this includes both traditional employment and self – employment. To contribute to the stepping up of career guidance/ counselling facilities in disadvantaged schools. To contribute to the capacitating of teachers for career guidance and counselling purpose.

  • Career exhibitions
  • Graduates exhibitions
  • Youth Leadership programs
  • Road shows
  • Schools Outreach Programs
  • Corporate  Sponsorship
  • Matric Awards
  • Matric Dance


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